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Personal Health Advisor is a medical advice line that provides unlimited access to qualified nurses 24 hours a day.

Benefits to member:

Your Personal Health Advisor:

  • Can provide emergency medical advice and trauma counselling.
  • Will assess your symptoms and refer you to the most appropriate healthcare professional.
  • Is knowledgeable on all aspects of healthcare and may suggest home care remedies with scheduled follow-up assessment calls, if required.
  • Can explain medical terms, results of tests and provide information relating to any medication you may be taking.
  • Provides counselling for chronic ailments and diseases, minimising the impact of these conditions on your daily life.
  • Has access to one of the most widely used poison databases in South Africa.
  • Provides telephonic trauma debriefing and may refer you to a trauma counsellor.
  • You also have access to a pre-recorded audio library, should you require information on a topic that you would rather not discuss with a nurse directly.
  • Emergency Service includes emergency medical assistance and transportation free of charge to the customer. Access to non-emergency medical transportation will be at the member’s own cost.

Benefits to member:

  • 24-hour emergency advice and assistance call centre.
  • Immediate dispatch of emergency medical services in order to provide life saving assistance.
  • Emergency transportation by air or road ambulance.
  • Following an accident the member’s children are transported to a place of safety.
  • Repatriation/return of mortal remains in the event of a death as a result of a medical emergency.
  • Access to non-emergency medical transportation, at member’s own cost.

Through its network of service providers, EA will facilitate the management of EMS to members; alternatively it will make use of the most appropriate service providers to perform EMS on the principles set forth below.

1. Definitions and Interpretation

  • Emergency medical treatment shall mean medical treatment administered in response to an episode of illness or injury that of necessity requires immediate medical attention.
  • Illness shall mean bodily illness, sickness or disease.
  • Injury shall mean bodily injury caused by accidental, violent, external and visible means.
  • Medical emergency shall mean any injury or illness that threatens human life and which requires immediate medical intervention to preserve life.

2. Emergency Medical Evacuation

  • Emergency pre-arrival instructions:  EA will provide a member (or caller on his behalf) with pre-arrival instructions regarding any emergency medical condition by telephone so that emergency assistance can immediately be provided to a person suffering illness or injury until a medical team arrives at the scene. Pre-arrival instructions will be regarded as such and not as an accurate or definite treatment of any condition any person might suffer.
  • Emergency medical response to a scene of a medical emergency by road or air:  Immediate response is undertaken to the scene of a medical emergency where appropriate advanced lifesaving resuscitation will be provided to a member. Where necessary, the member will be stabilised before transportation is provided to the closest appropriate medical facility.
  • Transfer of the member to the most appropriate medical facility:  In all life threatening medical emergencies, a member will be transported by road or air to the most appropriate and closest hospital that can effectively manage that particular condition. If the condition is not life threatening, but necessitates the use of an ambulance, the   member will be transported to the most appropriate and closest hospital that can effectively manage that particular condition.
  • Transfer of a member to a most appropriate medical care centre (if part of the initial medical response i.e. “same day transfer”). If a member needs specialist diagnostic or clinical procedures that cannot be performed by an admitting hospital, such individual will be transferred by road or air to the receiving facility where such procedures or specialist care can be performed i.e. “one way medical upgrade”.

3. Non-Emergency services

  • Repatriation of member:  Any member who is hospitalised away from his normal place of residence over a 200km radius and requires medical assistance in order to return, will be repatriated, by road or air, whichever is the most appropriate, to his home town hospital or residence within the area.
  • Companionship and/or care of stranded minors:  In the event that any minors are left stranded due to a medical emergency occurring whilst away from home, arrangements will be made to accompany the minors back to their residence or to another place of safety, on condition that both are in the area.

4. EA discretion in respect means of transport

  • EA will have the right to make decisions and take action after having considered available medical evidence as to what it deems to be in the best interest of the person calling for assistance. Based on the aforementioned EA will determine the timing and mode of transportation or repatriation.

5. Terms and Conditions:

  • The cost of any additional services outside of this scope is payable by the client or the client’s medical aid.
  • Access to the service is available to validated members only.
  • Emergency Service includes emergency medical assistance and transportation free of charge to the customer. Access to non-emergency medical transportation will be at the member’s own cost.




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